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Have you ever heard “caveat emptor” before? It is Latin for let the buyer beware, meaning the buyer assumes the risk in a transaction. Since we work a lot in real-estate, buyers are about 70% of our customers.  We truly care about all our customers and believe we are “Saving Lives One Home at a Time®” every time we install a radon system.

We see a lot of buyers calling about issues with their radon mitigation system. Substandard radon mitigation installations are wide spread in WV and OH. This blog will deal with just a few of the issues we ran into this month.

A little background on radon standards. Radon standards can change over time. Both WV and OH have state standards. For example., the Ohio Department of Health updates their RMS every 5 years and has strict enforcement of their rules. In WV, the state follows the National ASTM E2121 Standards for radon mitigation with their last revision occurring in 2013 and have limited resources to enforce those standards within WV. Updating an older system is normal. I want to talk about systems installed under current standards, which do not meet minimal standards in place at time of installation. Some contractors will bid the job so cheap, and use inferior materials, or fail to install components at all.

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