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Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 by Mark Bonar

Choosing a radon mitigation contractor to lower your radon
gas levels can be difficult. Different contractors have varying qualifications,
equipment, experience, methods and pricing. Radon mitigation requires specific
technical knowledge and special skills. Mitigation costs vary due to technique,
materials, and the extent of the problem.
My job, as a National Radon Defense Certified Radon Consultant, and indoor Air Quality Specialist is to thoroughly diagnose and design your system to prevent the cancercausing gas, radon, into your home. Typically, the cost of radon mitigation is comparable to other common home repairs. Ultimately, a thorough and well-designed system depends heavily on the individual mitigator’s own skills,
knowledge and effort. If you honor me by permitting my company to mitigate your home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best. This I promise you!
Radon Solutions of WV
• WV Contractor Licensing Board #WV051608
• WV-Licensed Electrician #SF2704534410304
• AARST - NRPP Member
• WV RM: 300 RC: 188
• OH RS: 299 RC:

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