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Radon Solutions of WV Case Studies: Pre-existing Radon Treatment System NOT Working

Sunday, June 17th, 2018 by Mark Bonar


The homeowner called my company to see why a home inspector found high radon gas levels inside his home during a real estate transaction. When I arrived on-sit, the radon system was not running. I advised the system to be on for 24 hours and the home re-tested. Homeowner agreed, and he was happy I found the issue (radon fan not running). I placed a Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) with a 24-hour delay. The system has very little information noted and lacked historical data. I estimated the system to 19 years old. The homeowner said the fan was replaced 7 years ago. I noted at that time the radon system was treating a crawlspace and part of a slab. The un-finished basement had not been treated. Three days later I got my CRM and the basement still had high radon levels. Being the home was under contract for purchase, the seller asks me the make all needed repairs, so the radon levels would be safe, and he could sell his home.


Our solution to address the high radon gas level was to upgrade the currant system to meet the currant standard in Ohio, increase the fan size to add treatment to the basement area and seal air leakage inside the basement. Post test after our upgrades was 1.3 pCi/L. That was an 82% reduction. We see this increasingly, just because a home or building has a system don’t mean the radon levels are low. Test every two years, and always test when you are buying or selling.

Project Summary

Radon Mitigition Company: Radon Solutions of WV, OHRC186

Radon Mitigition Specialist: Mark Bonar, OHRS299

Products Installed: AMG Furry II Fan

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